About Our center

  • Our Mission

    Provide quality personnel knowledgeable in current therapeutic practices, who possess the ability to guide families through the rehabilitative process. Offer state of the art treatment approaches helping people to achieve meaningful, practical and sustainable changes in their lives. Present an integrated treatment approach viewing the individual, family, physician, therapist and community resource as integral parts of the collaborative team. Create a positive environment in which each person is seen as an individual with personal strengths and challenges.

  • Our Philosophy

    NTS is a private pediatric therapy practice which provides physical, occupational, speech and massage therapies for children. As we turn disabilities into abilitites, it is our goal to make a difference in the lives of our children by helping them to reach their fullest potential. By working as a team, we utilize the best approaches for each individuals needs, involve the family as much as possible and never forget that children are our gift.

  • History of NTS

    Began in 1985 to provide in home therapy services.

    In 1993, NTS purchased a former day care facility and remodeling began on our 7000 sq ft building where we are today. In-center treatment started the same year.

    1999 "Switch It" moved to a new location to allow us more space in our growing facility. Switch It, Inc. is a NTS family company that provides specialty controls for power wheelchairs.

    2003, NTS purchased a pool and began the aquatic therapy program.

    2004, the NTS West location opened in Katy, Texas.

    2005, the NTS South location opened in Missouri City, Texas.

    2005, the NTS Southeast location was purchased from Pediatric Rehabilitation of Pearland and continued to provide services to the Pearland and surrounding area

    2006- NTS purchased a new home in Katy Texas and moved our operations from Mason road to old town Katy.  We love the new home type atmosphere and the pool is such a bonus as we can now provide aquatic therapy spring, summer and fall.

    2007-  NTS purchased 5 acres and a farm house to convert into our new therapy clinic.  Work has begun and should be finished early 2008.

    2008-  Roy Road Pearland location near completion.

    2009- A growing Switch-It forces NTS to retire the Williamsburg location.

    2009- Pearland location to move to their new facility at Roy Road....A converted farm home on 5 acres near 518 and Cullen.

    2010 NTS -Northwest location began a SCUBA program in the summer of 2010 that was a huge success. The Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus program is taught by certified dive instructor who is a retired teacher. We are continuing this program through the summer of 2011.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Does NTS offer free consultation?
    One of our therapy staff would love to discuss your child's need with you, free of charge. Tours of the NTS facilities are also available.

    Q. Does NTS accept payment through my insurance company?
    NTS is in many insurance networks and accepts most insurance plans. Our capable office staff is able to work directly with your insurance for the cost of service.

    Q. Is it possible to have a session with two therapists simultaneously?
    Yes! Co-treatments are available with OT/PT, PT/ST, and OT/ST. Many children are more verbal with movements and benefit from co-treatment with ST. Children can perform ADLs in standing with co-treatment of OT and PT.

    Q. Are parents involved with the therapy sessions?
    Yes! Parents can be present in the session and interact with child and therapist. At other times, it is more therapeutic for the parents to observe through a window. All parents are educated in ways to carryover achievements made within the session.

    Q. My child goes to school all day. Do you have after school or before school sessions?
    Our hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM. This does allow for before or after school therapy times, which are very popular. If after school slots are needed but are unavailable, we suggest to begin therapy and we will gladly put your name on the waiting list and the first available after school slot will be your priority.

    Q. Is my child too young for therapy?
    Children are motivated to move. If seen early in their development, therapy can help them move appropriately, curb improper patterns, decrease possible tightness and facilitate coordinated movements. They say that it takes twice as long to unlearn an improper movement pattern as it does to learn correct movement.

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did you know

NTS will be hosting HWT camps, SCUBA classes and Gymnastics this summer? Stay tuned for more details!